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Last Deliveries:
  • 1 Piece of 2 Orders Has Been Delivered to Emirhan meşe and Mustafa meşe from Hantaş Nakliyat
  • Mizan Demir Ltd 2 of tipping tippers have been delivered
  • Our Deliveries to İçdaş Demir Çelik continue
  • Hatay Güven Petrol Ltd Şti 2 of 1360 Roller Carrier Trailer Delivered
  • Tilting tippers were delivered to Gaziantep Kayacan Construction
  • 3 Tilting tippers were delivered to Erzin Yılmaz Göçmen, Hasan Göçmen and Mehmet Göçmen from Hatay.
  • Regnum Logistics 1360 Roller Carrier Trailer Delivered.
  • Side flap delivered to Aşkın Demir Çelik A.ş.
  • Order of 12 scrap holders delivered to Kroman Dç Aş
  • The first order of 3 roll carrier trailers has been delivered to Hatay Güven Kardeşler Petrol
  • We Delivered 10 860 Open Box Trailer with Roll Pool to Diler Lojistik.
  • Ankara MK Çetin Yapı AŞ 4 Pieces 126 * Open Cased Side Tipping Dampers Delivered.
  • Çağ Çelik A.Ş. We Delivered 20 Pieces of 1360 Open Box Semi Trailer.
  • Taşarlar Nak.Ltd.Şti 8 Pieces 1360 Open Frame Roll Pool Trailer Delivery Has Been Made.
  • Our Delivery of Istanbul Orjin Demirçelik Yanadevirlu Dumper has been completed.
  • Karabük Topçugiller Demir Yanadeveli Dumper Delivery Has Been Made.
  • Istanbul Consultants Transport 9 Pieces 1360 Trailer Delivery Completed.
  • Ege Çelik A.Ş Delivery of 2 pieces of 120m3 Port Scrap Carrier Dump Trailer.
  • We Delivered 25 Pieces of 1360 Roll Carrier Trailer to Borusan Lojistik.
  • We Have Delivered 6 Trailers To Asya Taşımacılık
  • We Have Delivered 2 Trailers To Karadeniz Hadde Ltd. Şti. .
  • Fidan Lojistik 1360 Pooled Trailer Delivery Has Been Made.
  • We Have Delivered 12 Trailers To Tokel Group.
  • İçdaş Demir Çelik 45 Trailer Delivery Completed.
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    CANGÜL Treyler


    32 Years Experience in the Sector ...

    CANGÜL TREYLER Automotive Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. Sti. It was founded in 1986 by Mehmet CANGÜL under the name of CANGÜL Repair and Maintenance Workshop. In line with the demand of the market, the maintenance and repair work of heavy vehicles and semi-trailers after the death of our company Mehmet CANGÜL'un fully oriented to the production of trailers and high-quality and economic production of our company since 2004 CANGÜL TREYLER Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. has taken its name. With the Cutting-Bending, Sandblasting, Oven Paint, Spare Parts and Repair departments it has established, it has maximized the quality of its production and minimized its cost to the minimum level. Our company continues to develop rapidly with the new investments it makes every day, totaling 3800 m2. It continues production in closed area.
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